Welcome to the British International School of Tunis.

The British International School of Tunis (sometimes shortened to BIST) is a primary and secondary school providing an engaging, inspirational and rounded education for children aged 3 to 19 (Early Years Foundation Stage and 5 Key Stages), following the UK National Curriculum.

Our pupils are encouraged to develop the academic skills and personal resources that will enable them to live fulfilling lives wherever they may find themselves, while engaging with the cultural diversity of our unique location for a truly international perspective.

We welcome pupils from the entire region, including local families and those from further afield.

Our learning environment is supportive and challenging, meeting the highest standards as recognised by the Council of British International Schools and the British Government’s inspection of overseas schools.

Being part of the family of British International Schools is about providing the best possible education -one that creates lifelong learners with a passion for knowledge and adventure, fully equipped to meet the challenges of a dynamic world. By using outstanding teachers, experts in their field, we provide an exciting, challenging and hugely rewarding education. We inspire them to take any opportunity that comes their way and encourage them to embrace experiences, learn from each other, and be inspired by those great people who influenced the history of the world through writing, politics, music, art, sport, poetry and science. Such greats as William Shakespeare, Isaac Newton, Florence Nightingale, Charles Darwin, Samuel Johnson, Jane Austen and Winston Churchill, to name but a few, have all benefited from the British education system. We aim to be inspired by those educated in this way and use them to set ambitious goals.

Primary school – La Soukra

Tunisia has always had major historical significance, a centre of civilisation and a mixture of diverse cultures. We use this throughout school life to enhance our provision, by drawing on the unique character of British, French and Arabic influences. We expect our children to will excel and take the very best from all of their surroundings and use this to become truly International in their outlook, a prerequisite in a world that is becoming ever smaller, through technology, and is always connected through language, finance and business.

The British International School of Tunis is just the start of a life of learning, leadership, service and personal fulfilment.

Secondary school – Le Kram


I invite you to visit our school and I hope that you too wish to become part of the life of The British International School of Tunis.


Mr. M. Nugent. B.Ed(Hons). Q.T.S. N.P.Q.H.

Principal - The British International School of Tunis