BIST follows the English National Curriculum. We use international and local context to enhance teaching and learning to perfectly suit the students. Our focus is on developing all aspects of the individual, both academically and through their interpersonal skills. With this in mind, we have handcrafted an innovative, challenging and stimulating programme across their Secondary school education. 



We have a three-year KS3 curriculum, which is broad and balanced, offering all students the opportunities to build their skills, and lay the foundations needed to prepare them for the KS4 programme. Subjects we teach in KS3 include the core curriculum of English, Math and Science, alongside subjects such as Art, Computing, Languages (French and Arabic), Geography, History, PE and PSCHEE. Our subject choices are constantly evolving, based on the wide range of choice from our quality teachers.







The curriculum at Key Stage 4 is a two-year course of study, culminating in external examinations based on the English Curriculum. These examinations allow for a range of achievements from A*-G or 9-1, with A*-C and 9-4 being considered a passing grade. The core curriculum at Key Stage 4 comprises of Math, English Language, the sciences, Physical Education and PSHE. Students will then select from a wide range of available subjects at the school.

At Key Stage 5, our focus is on preparing our students for the next step. With this is mind, our sixth form programme is diverse and mirrors the skills needed to for a move into Higher Education, whether is in Tunisia, Europe or North America.
Our staff has the expertise to advise and guide our students through this complex time. Their knowledge of University requirements is invaluable to ensure that they have the broadest possible choice for this new challenge.