The British International School of Tunis focuses on the following characteristics:

British curriculum with additional French and Arabic


English Language is the platform of delivery for the curriculum. Further language acquisition is encouraged by multilingual teachers, Tunisian teaching assistants and specialist EAL support, thus developing the child’s language learning in step with the curriculum.

Reading taught early, using a synthetic phonics approach. Children learn to read using a very successful technique, which teaches them to put sounds together to make words even before they see the shapes on the page. 



Concepts taught first, whilst techniques come later, building an approach that encourages insight into the ‘why’ of learning.

Child-centred learning, with teaching and learning adapted to the child’s ability. Children are kept together with their peers by age and the teacher and teaching assistant work together to tailor and adapt the particular teaching for the child’s level. We support children who learn more slowly and stretch those who learn more quickly.

Holistic approach, supporting the development of the child in all areas of life. The teaching style and classroom environment encourages the child to develop not only academically, but socially, creatively and in many other ways, valuing diversity while encouraging understanding.