Admissions to our school are based on availability and eligibility criteria to ensure your child is able to integrate well into lessons, which are taught in English, and school life.

Our school year runs from September to June but we are able to accept new students during the year based on availability and assessment results.

All children must undertake an assessment as part of the admissions process.

Entry into EYFS: Children will take part in a classroom observation.

Entry into Key Stages: Children applying to Key Stages will be assessed on their knowledge

of English and Math.



Overseas applications:

Before your child can join the school we need to make sure that there  is a place available and that your child will be able to integrate well into lessons and school life.

We do this by assessing your child for an appropriate ability in English, as well as taking time to understand their existing abilities.  We will also talk with you as parents about how the school can best meet the needs of your child, and any particular issues that we need to be aware of.

The admissions process is started by completing our registration form.

Once the form is submitted, we will start to process your registration.

If we have places available, we will contact you to arrange an assessment of your child.  This will be age appropriate, and will not feel like a 'test' to your child.  Depending on their age and ability, we may ask them to complete some work on their own, but most of the assessment will be interacting

with a teacher in a relaxed environment.  There will also be opportunity for parents to talk with teaching staff and look around the school.

If the assessment is successful, and there are no other issues to resolve, we will offer you a place, subject to the details shown in our School Fees, and our offer letter.  If you are applying for the next school year, there may be a delay between assessing your child and the school making an offer of a place, but we will confirm this to you at the time.  If you choose to accept that place, we will then invoice you and arrange the submission of your other documents.

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